Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oracle on Rails: Can Proprietary and Open-Source Play Nice Together?

We're starting a new enterprise Rails project at Panoptic Development (that's right, enterprise Rails), and we're using the Oracle database. Yes, we all know that Rails plays best with other open-source databases like PostgreSQL, but sometimes development teams don't have the luxury of choosing the database.

The upshot of all this? We'll hopefully be contributing some articles and open-source code to help other developers work with the proprietary, enterprise behemoth that is the Oracle database.

I've started with a quick fork of Raimonds Simanovskis' useful rails_3_oracle_sample application, adding some documentation that helped me get things started.

Raimonds seems to be working harder than everyone else to integrate Oracle with Ruby on Rails, so check out his excellent blog.

Most Rails developers work in small, agile teams without a dedicated DBA, and that's often quite different from the workflow in large organizations using Oracle. Here's one of Raimonds' presentations (from three years ago!) that helped get me into the Oracle mindset:

Stay tuned for more updates.

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